Astoria Plus 4 You TS Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Two, three or four group
  • Individual boilers per group
  • 47.6% energy savings
  • Touchscreen display

Product Description

Over forty years of experience and innovation has been channelled into the creation of Astoria’s signature machine, the Plus 4 You TS, an updated, touchscreen version of the popular Plus 4 You.

Astoria's flagship espresso machine is highly intuitive and packed with industry-leading technologies. As well as its multi-boiler plumbing system, the Plus 4 You TS is capable of monitoring every shot that is brewed, providing the barista with real-time feedback that can help improve extraction.

This Intelligent Brewing System is supported by Astoria's own Green Line system which is proven to reduce energy consumption by 47.6%, according to date certified by Intertek*.

Remarkably easy to use, the user can make adjustments to a wide range of parameters - individual group head temperatures, boiler pressure and power modes - via the coffee machine's brand new Colour Touch Display.

Designed to accomodate tall cups, the Astoria Plus 4 You TS allows for usage of a wide range of drinking vessle sizes, without affect performance or increasing machine footprint.

A dedicated steam boiler combined with two adjustable steam arms ensures that the Plus 4 You TS is always ready to produce piping hot steam. Both arms are flexible and easy to move.

The large capacity cup warmer is great for storing and heating cups before serving, keep drinks hot for much longer, further enhancing the customer drinking experience.

Making coffee has never been this easy or impressive.

*An independent organisation involved in safety testing and product certification.


  • Availble with two standard steam arms (Pro version), or with one standard steam arm and one automatic steam arm.
  • Touchscreen
  • Multi-boilers
  • Adaptive brewing
  • Green Line intelligent energy management can save up to 47.6%*
  • Raised groupheads
  • Two steam arms
  • Hot water tap
  • Cup warmer
  • Available in black, white or red


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerElectrical InputWeightDimensions (mm)
2 Groups 8 litres + (2 x 1.2ltr) 230V 4700W 20.5A 84kg W835 x D565 x H575
3 Groups 13 litres + (3 x 1.2ltr) 230V 6700W 29.2A 104kg W1075 x D565 x H575
4 Groups 13 litres + (4 x 1.2ltr) 230V 7700W 33.5A 124kg W1310 x D580 x H575