Qualita Belforte Autosteam

Features include:
  • Two group
  • Autosteam Wand
  • Soft Infusion
  • Made in Italy by the espresso experts Nuova Simonelli

Product Description

A high-quality, compact espresso machine, the Qualita Belforte Autosteam offers baristas unrivalled control and consistency thanks to the presence of a Soft Infusion System and an automatic stainless steel steam arm.

Just 55cm wide, the Autosteam version of Qualita's Belforte contains all the industry-leading technologies and features that are usually found on bigger, full-size machines. Powerful performance and reliability in a small package.

After all, if you have limited space to work with why should you forgo quality?

The automatic steam wands helps ensure that baristas can prepare perfectly textured milk foam every time. By stopping the delivery of steam at a pre-programmable temperature, the machine removes the potential for user error, guaranteeing both consistency and quality every single time.

As well as an automatic steam arm, the machine is also fitted with an innovative Soft Infusion System (SIS). This aids the brewing process by slowly wetting the coffee, allowing for an even and softer extraction.

The Belforte Autosteam has been designed by baristas, for baristas, and is manufactured in Italy from Qualita by Nuova Simonelli.


  • Automatic steam arm
  • Soft Infusion System (S.I.S)
  • Thermocompensated group heads
  • Simple, push-button controls
  • Manufactured in Italy, by Nuova Simonelli
  • Raised groups
  • Reverse mirror
  • Copper boiler
  • Two steam arms
  • Hot water tap


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerElectrical InputWeightDimensions (mm)
2 Groups 7.5 litres 230V 2800W 12A 45kg W550 x D545 x D530