Qualita Belforte Grande Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Two group
  • Soft Infusion System
  • Designed in Italy

Product Description

Designed by baristas, the Qualita Belforte Grande is a high quality, two-group espresso machine. Fitted with market-leading features and technologies yet simple and ergonomic to use, this is a coffee machine is suitable for a wide variety of sites within the professional coffee industry.

As we know, ensuring an efficient and smooth extraction is critical to the quality of an espresso. The Belforte Grande is fitted with a Soft Infusion System and thermocompensated groups which work together to compensate for any irregularities in preparation, or fluctuations in conditions to guarantee a consistent product.

During the design process, the team behind the Belforte made a commitment to usability.

The Grande lives up to it's name with raised group heads to allow usage of tall cups and disposable cups. The Grande also features a slew of other user-friendly features including a reverse mirror, a wide-angle control panel, ergonomically designed push and pull levers, and semi-automatic cleaning.

The Belforte Grande is manufactured in the Italian province of Macerata by experts in all things coffee, Nuova Simonelli.


  • Soft Infusion System (S.I.S)
  • Thermocompensated group heads
  • Simple, push-button controls
  • Manufactured in Italy, by Nuova Simonelli
  • Raised groups
  • Reverse mirror
  • Copper boiler
  • Two steam arms (stainless steel)
  • Hot water tap


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerElectrical InputWeightDimensions (mm)
2 Groups 11 litres 230V 3200W 14A 60kg W780 x D545 x D530