Expobar Megacrem Compact Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Two groups and hot tap in small form factor
  • Four programmable doses per group head
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler

Product Description

A popular espresso machine, the small form factor Expobar Megacrem Compact contains all the features expected of a modern day professional coffee machine, but in a much smaller package.

Not only is the Megacrem Compact a sturdy unit, the polished exterior and tasteful accents give it an incredibly professional and reassuring look for potential customers.

Whilst the exterior is relatively unassuming, the stainless steel craftsmanship ensures that this is an espresso machine that has truly been built to last.

Tried and tested technology is all present and correct, with 4 different programmable doses per group, the Megacrem Compact offers the same features as much larger 'flagship' counterparts but at a fraction of the size.

Despite a diminutive size, the Megacrem Compact provides a fully encompassing coffee making experience, with two brewing groups, steam wand and hot tap for every speciality hot drink you can possibly make being catered for.

Simply a stellar small espresso machine, the Megacrem Compact is the perfect coffee machine for a wide range of businesses that are looking to add a coffee making solution to their food and drink menu.


  • Easy to operate
  • Small form factor
  • 360º rotating hot water tap
  • Swivel integrated steam arm
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Stylish minimalist polished metal finish


Groups Boiler Capacity Voltage Power Electrical Input Weight Dimensions (mm)
2 Group 6-litre 230V 2700W 11.8A 41kg w480 x d580 x h520