Expobar Megacrem Display Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Two and three group models available
  • Digital control method makes espresso easy
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler

Product Description

The hallmark of Expobar's excellence in the espresso machine stakes is the immensely popular Expobar Megacrem Display UP Control coffee machine.

Featuring a dedicated display panel that provides an accurate account of the number of coffees brewed per day, brew timings and a further information to help manage your coffee making, the Megacrem Display is a powerful coffee making tool for a wide variety of businesses.

Tried and tested technology such as 4 different programmable doses per group, volumetric dosages and a digital feedback display help makes this a no-brainer for anyone seeking an upgrade over an existing option or their very first espresso machine.

Internally the Megacrem Display has a copper boiler with a heat exchanger for each group and a pressure relief valve to ensure consistent, safe coffee extraction.

Each group head includes a direct pre-infusion chamber, as per industry standard, for a much more consistent extraction process with every single usage.

The built-in volumetric motor pump ensures that every dosage is pinpoint precision guaranteed, with two retention valves and a solid particulate filter ensuring that you don't end up with horribly gritty espresso.

Externally, you can expect to find 2 or 3 brewing groups, two steam arms for simultaneous usage during the busiest periods and one hot tap for true expert crafting of speciality coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and americanos.


  • Easy to operate digital display control
  • 360º rotating hot water tap
  • Swivel integrated steam arm
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Stylish minimalist polished metal finish


Groups Boiler Capacity Voltage Power Electrical Input Weight Dimensions (mm)
2 Group 11.5-litre 230V 3330W 14.5A 54kg w720 x d580 x h520
3 Group 17.5-litre 230V 4290W 18.7A 65kg w990 x d580 x h520