Expobar Megacrem (with Grinder) Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • One and two group models available
  • Integrated grinder for space saving operation
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler

Product Description

The Megacrem with Grinder provides a one-stop shop for all things espresso by including an integrated grinder as standard with every unit.

With a space-saving form factor that also includes all the flourishes and touches that make the Megacrem line such a popular and much-loved coffee machine, this integrated grinder model is ideal for fledgeling coffee businesses or those for which coffee is a new venture.

Black accents and clean lines make this a standout stainless steel model for many businesses that may be new to coffee or lack the space for higher output machines.

The integrated grinder is ideal for worktops that lack the space for a dedicated coffee grinder, and includes automatic modes and adjustable 60mm cutting blades that also allow for adjustable dosing.

Available in single and two group options, the Megacrem with Grinder provides a fully featured espresso making experience for baristas of all levels.


  • Easy to operate
  • Integrated grinder
  • 360º rotating hot water tap
  • Swivel integrated steam arm
  • High-quality copper insulated boiler
  • Robust stainless steel design
  • Stylish minimalist polished metal finish


Groups Boiler Capacity Voltage Power Electrical Input Weight Dimensions (mm)
1 Group 6-litre 230V 3125W 13.6A 47kg w480 x d580 x h630
2 Group 11.5-litre 230V 3685W 16.1A 56kg w720 x d580 x h630