Expobar Rosetta Coffee Machine

Features include:

  • Multi-boiler operation
  • High output espresso machine
  • Auto power on & off

Product Description

The Expobar Rosetta features multi-boiler functionality, for exceptional espresso on every single occasion.

With eye-catching, sleek desing, the Rosetta is a truly stand-out espresso machine that is not only capable but striking.

Crafted to precision, the design is matched by premium features, such as the inclusion of PID technology, allowing for more consistent and precise temperature control throughout every phase of the brewing process.

This exclusive multi-boiler version of the popular Rosetta espresso machine gives baristas, even more flexibility, when compared to the standard model, found elsewhere.

The temperature of each tank can be regulated and adjusted separately, this results in an even better espresso experience.

Dual high quality insulated steam arms provide the perfect framework for perfectly steamed milk, and therefore the backbone of exquisite speciality coffee.

Expobar's expert craftsmanship has helped create one of the most innovative and consistent coffee making experiences, capable of meeting any challenge and is suitable for any situation or scenario.


  • Multi-boilers
  • PID Sensor System
  • Pre-infusion chamber
  • Created to capture attention
  • Digital display
  • High output models
  • Sleek design
  • Consistent heat
  • Low water level warning light
  • Twin insulated steam arms
  • Boiler drain tap
  • Built in volumetric pump
  • Auto Power on & off


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerElectrical InputWeightDimensions (mm)
2 11.5 litre + (2 x1.5 litre) 230V 5660W 24.7A 61kg W680 x D590 x H550
3 17.5 litre + (3 x 1.5 litre) 230V 7810W 34A 87kg W980 x D590 x H550