Astoria Greta Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Compact coffee machine
  • Simple, attractive design
  • Tank fill options available

Product Description

Designed to be a small form factor workhorse machine, the Astoria Greta is one of a few new-era machines from the Italian brand that utilise their expertise in all things coffee and fuses that knowledge with eye-catching design.

With a tank-fill option available, the Greta could be a fantastic option for anyone looking to introduce coffee into their business, or alternatively the home barista that really wants to drink Italian quality coffee at home.

The Greta takes a whole host of design inspiration from the popular Tanya lineage but sees the edges and accents adjusted to create a powerful, assured look and feel.

Whilst looks aren't the exact mark of how a machine performs, they can play a crucial role in assuring customers (and users) that a machine is capable of meeting their coffee-making expectations.

For those looking to take their coffee on the move, such as mobile vans, it will be pleasing to hear that the Greta has an optional vibrating motor pump and 4-litre capacity tank that will allow for true on-the-move espresso service.

Combine this mobile potential with tall cup capabilities and you have a exceptional portability no matter your business type.


  • Vibrating water pump
  • Heavy-duty copper boiler
  • Raised groups with flap rack
  • Steam arm and hot water tap
  • Single group model
  • Push button operation


  • Available Mains-plumbed or Tank-fill


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerAmpsWeightDimensions (mm)Tank Capacity (Tank Fill Model)
1 2 litres 230V 2600W 10.5A 38kg W395 x D545 x H511 4-litre