Filter Coffee Machines

18 Items

18 Items

Smooth filtered for a refined taste

A filter coffee machine is a great way to offer quality coffee without having to worry about timings, training or the intricate details of coffee brewing. They are even perfect as a backup to a traditional espresso machine, or an option beyond your speciality menu.

Synonymous with classic American-style diners, filter brew machines create a surprisingly nuanced cup of coffee and allows for quality coffee to be brewed without need of a trained barista.

Enjoying a resurgeance here in Great Britain over the past several years, large-scale drip brewing has become more and more common in many popular chains as a hot drink option.

We are proud to be one of Bunn's licensed UK importers, and we only stock the American brands finest filter coffee machines.

Bunn are undoubtedly the market leaders in the drip coffee sector, and with over 65 years experience, Bunn have been at the forefront of the coffee industry for almost as long as the industry has existed.