Fiorenzato Coffee Grinders

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1 Item

Passion, tradition and cutting-edge performance

To make a truly exceptional cup of coffee, there must be attention to detail in every single process before and during brewing.

One of the most integral steps in making excellent espresso is the griding stage; at this point consistency and quality are king. This is something Italian manufacturer Fiorenzato know and understand very well.

Formed in the 1930s, Fiorenzato have been creating state-of-the-art coffee grinders for commerical premises for over 70 years.

Originated in Meste, the most populated urban area of mainland Venice, Fiorenzato is well known for one of their most recent innovations; the F64 EVO.

This absolutely exceptional grinder was one of the very first touch screen operated on-demand coffee grinders available anywhere. We are proud to offer and supply such an item to our UK trade partners.