Expobar Coffee Machines

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5 Items

Pure passion is the secret of great taste

Expobar has been actively manufacturing traditional coffee machines for three decades and their quality and reliability has seen them grow into one of the world's premier manufacturers of espresso equipment.

Over 30 years of experience has shaped the Expobar brand, from initially making hotel and restaurant only espresso machines, to the exceptional machines that we now see in coffee shops, cafes, bar and restaurants around Europe.

Now owned by parent company Crem International, the European-based company makes upwards of 20,000 commercial machines a year, exporting their products to 76 different countries worldwide.

Acutely aware of the ever changing landscape of the speciality scene, Expobar has always strived to move forwards and meet the demands of the market.

Using experience and market nous to create coffee machines much like the concise Pico, perfect for smaller venues with great ideas, or the popular Elen, favoured by countless coffee shops and cafes, an Expobar machine is often the secret behind a perfectly formed cup of coffee.

If you are looking for a workhorse coffee machine in a range of sizes, Expobar are the professional barista choice.