Astoria Coffee Machines

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5 Items

Think espresso, then think Astoria

Astoria believes that every bean has its own story to tell and, therefore, each espresso is a patchwork of narratives that all combine to create a unique masterpiece that captivates and marvels in equal measures.

Every day, everywhere in the world, this procedure occurs to make a neverending book. It's a story that deserves to be put together by an artist.

For over forty years the Italian company has been working in conjunction with baristas to help bring the best espresso machines to market and this constant partnership has wielded a range of models to cover every area of the market.

Astoria's signature machine is the Plus 4 You TS. Featuring smart electronics and touchscreen control, the Plus 4 You is capable of providing real-time feedback to baristas and monitoring any fluctuations in temperature all whilst delivering noticeable energy savings. The Plus 4 U TS is the offical espresso machine of the World Latte Art Championship.

Amongst some of Astoria's most popular models are the Tanya R, the Tanya R Compact and the Sabrina with it's retro-inspired stylings.

Providing some of the finest espresso machines in the business, what else would you expect from a company who's motto is 'Think Espresso'?