Astoria Sabrina Coffee Machine

Features include:
  • Two, three or four groups
  • Standard and touchscreen versions available
  • Advanced pre-infusion
  • Retro-inspired design

Product Description

The Sabrina is one of Astoria's flagship traditional coffee machines.

The well-known Italian manufacturer took their artistic inspiration from the carefree decade that was the swinging sixties and married a gorgeous, free-flowing design with cutting-edge technologies to create one jaw-dropping espresso machine that is built for the future.

Featuring six dosage settings per group, an advanced pre-infusion system, independently regulated copper boilers and thermally stable piping, baristas will be able to ensure a perfect extraction with every espresso.

This fully electronic coffee machine also has raised group heads and fold out trays as standard.

An advanced Touchscreen model is also available. This version features a state of the art Colour Touch Display which adds to the machine's visual appeal and usability.


  • Advanced pre-infusion
  • Raised groups
  • Copper boiler and internal piping
  • Chrome filter handles
  • Eye-catching design
  • Adjustable hot water tap
  • Two steam arms
  • Automatic water refill


  • Standard: Touch pad controls
  • Touchscreen: Fitted with a Colour Touch Display screen
  • Available in brown or black


GroupsBoiler CapacityVoltagePowerElectrical InputWeightDimensions (mm)
2 Groups 10.5 litre 230V 3900W 17A 82kg W835 x D582 x H582
3 Groups 17 litre 230V 5600W 24.4A 99kg W1075 x D582 x H582