Victoria Arduino Coffee Machines

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5 Items

The beauty behind the bean

With a legacy steeped in synchronicity and expertise, Victoria Arduino has been the preferred choice of espresso aficionados since 1905. Established by Pier Teresio Arduino in that very year, the company has cultivated a robust heritage, emerging as a trailblazer in the coffee industry with a commitment to espresso innovation.

Situated in the epicentre of the espresso revolution, Victoria Arduino has consistently championed technology in its endeavours, propelling the brand to the forefront of the coffee industry. Pier Teresio Arduino's inaugural machine, named "Victoria" after a woman he encountered in Turin in 1905, found its place in a prominent city coffee shop—the very locale where he met his future wife. The nomenclature "Victoria" held a profound significance for Pier, symbolizing his triumph, or rather, an "Italian victory," born from dedicated efforts. This ethos has remained integral to the brand's identity.

From its inception, Victoria Arduino has dedicated itself to crafting espresso-making tools that seamlessly blend form and function. The brand's machines, born of Italian craftsmanship and engineering prowess, are renowned for marrying aesthetic beauty with innovative usability features. These high-end machines incorporate cutting-edge technology, setting industry standards that others aspire to follow.

Manufactured in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, these machines, envisioned by master craftsmen and engineers, are coveted by baristas worldwide. Engineered to serve as an extension of the barista, each Victoria Arduino machine equips professionals with precise tools and technologically advanced features to create the finest coffee on a global scale.

Victoria Arduino's commitment to quality and consistency has earned it the trust and admiration of the world's best baristas. The brand's association with the World Barista Championship finals as the official partner since 2015 underscores its dedication to excellence. Distinguished by its dedication and progressive spirit, Victoria Arduino stands apart from other coffee machine manufacturers, maintaining its position as an industry leader.